My weight loss story…

Some of you may have been following my weight loss journey on Instagram, but if not I will bring you up to speed. In 2011, 4 months after the birth of my 3rd son I was at my heaviest at 193 lbs. I’m ecstatic to say I’ve lost 45 lbs. since then! I think I lost the first 15 lbs. because I just stopped eating EVERYTHING. The next 10 lbs. because I started to eat healthier and the next 20 lbs. I lost working out 6 days a week for 25 minutes (Beachbody’s T25). I have maintained in the last year fluctuating between 145-150 lbs.


It’s been a tough but rewarding and amazing journey. I have been on a life long diet my ENTIRE life. Always quitting, always gaining it back and always “dieting”. I would have to say the biggest difference this time around was (and is) that I am determined to not give up and truly motivated to be in the best shape I have ever been. I did not start this journey with the idea that this was another diet and I would reach my dream body in 6 months. I knew I had to change my mentality as much as I needed to change my body. This time around it was not a diet, but a lifestyle change and I was going to reach the finish line.


A lot of people say, if “I” can do it, so can you. Well, I have to jump on that cliché train too. You can do this! I’ve tried so many times to lose weight and who knew the secret was so simple. Completely changing my eating habits and consistent exercise has been my miracle pill. I have to say, I am pretty amazed with myself, yup kinda proud of little ol’ me. I did it very slow, because of course I would have bad days/weeks but I never quit. 30 lbs of it I lost in one year with my good friend, her name is “willpower”. So many times, I found myself passing on pizza or some other carby deliciousness and shock would just come across people’s faces that knew me, that I was just going to sit there and resist it or that I was going to get a salad instead. Too be honest, so was I. But I was not going to give in this time and FOR ONCE I was going to take this weight loss thing serious. Those moments of will power changed my body and my lifestyle.


So what is my “finish line” you ask? I would say my goal is to “feel” great in a bikini, not necessarily a specific weight because we all know the scale isn’t always the best judge of your body but I think if I reached 135 lbs., I would be at an ideal weight for my body (I’m 5’7″). Then I would feel comfortable gaining weight from muscle and toning. Plus, we all know your breasts are the first to go, so I should probably add some weight in there for a boob job. Ha, I kid…maybe.


Ok, so I feel like I need to share some things that have gotten better since my weight loss, so those of you out there who are thinking of starting on your own journey can really feel the joy that it has brought me and maybe motivate you to start ASAP! Here are 10 things that have changed since my weight loss…

  1. My attitude – I laugh more, I smile more, I forgive more. When you’re happy you realize life is too short to let the small things get to you.  You live by songs like, “Let it go” or “Hakuna matata”! Ha!
  1. My style – Shopping is sooo fun!!! I dress how I’ve always wished I could dress and man, does it feel great. I don’t stress about having to look at myself in a dressing room mirror. I’m actually taking selfies of myself when I try clothes on! I know, smh


  1. My sex life – need I say more? Wink, wink… Actually, I will say one more thing, ha! My husband actually told me to cover up the other day, say what?! #swoon #thatssosweet
  1. My time with my kids – I jump in pools with my kids now! It’s sad to say, the thought of doing that before just made me think of people watching me run as my body jiggled in places it shouldn’t and it should have been about having fun with my kids not that. My boys are happy because Mommy is happy!


  1. My self-esteem – I’ve always felt confident or “pretty” but I’ve never felt healthy or proud of my body. I am proud of my new body, dang it! Yes, it has flaws and no, I don’t look like a Victoria secret model. But I’ve had 3 babies, lost 45 lbs. with this body and I’m finally feeling good about myself. Dare I say, I love ME. Big words for a girl, am I right?
  1. My skin and hair – I take care of myself now. I never realized how little I took care of myself. I wash my face more. I like makeup a little more. My friends can attest to the fact that I get ready fairly quickly for a girl. Well, I might have added an extra 5 minutes… I apologize in advance to everyone.


  1. My goals – I feel grateful, thankful, for my health, for my husband, for my kids, for another day on this planet, and with gratitude you can conquer the world and dream bigger!
  1. My family eats healthier – So amazing! It’s true what they say that you should lead by example. My kids have asked, “how much protein is in that”, and “could I have chiaseeds”. C’mon that’s pretty priceless!


  1. My house looks better – I have the energy to work on projects that I’ve been pushing off since we moved here 3 years ago! Pinterest and I bestfriends again.

10. My love of life/living – I feel alive, I’m less tired, less  depressed, more present! Feels good to live in the NOW!

It also feels good to say those things about myself. Yes, you do change, I have changed. When you’re overweight or underweight or depressed or whatever it is that is holding you back, you are not living at 100% and the closer you get to that happy place the closer you get to really loving yourself and those around you. Some people will cheer you on and then there are some that will not “appreciate” your new glow. What ever happens don’t let anyone dull your shine, and do good with your new super power…we are born to live at 100%! We can do it!!!






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